Problems in quality management and technical inspection of work: a study applied to the chilean context

C. Santelices, R. Herrera, F. Muñoz


The main problems in the industry of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) are the low indices of productivity and the high fragmentation and complexity, which directly affect the quality of the projects. To provide tools to mitigate and/or solve the current situation in the sector, a compilation of the problems in the area of quality management and technical inspection of work, which were validated through interviews according to the experience of professionals, is presented from the literature. Subsequently, an analysis of the relative importance index was applied, obtaining an ordered list of the problems according to their importance in the Chilean context. In this way, the project directors can consider them from the beginning of the projects, considering that quality is planned, managed, and controlled. This makes it possible to prioritize and make better decisions in the allocation of resources, which are generally scarce, in the various processes of the item, both in the office and in the field.


calidad; inspección; RII; AIC; PMBOK



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