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Author Guidelines

» Edición Normal


Author Guidelines (Edición Normal)

Submitting the manuscripts

The manuscripts submitted to this Journal should be original works and have never been published before nor be undergoing a review process by another Journal. They should be written in English and be submitted in a digital file in text processing format. Manuscripts should be uploaded through the website for which you must register and create a title. Homepage / About… / Submissions / Online Submissions / Sign-up. The paper will be revised by experts on each specific topic, and the editor may require reviews and modifications before taking a final acceptance or rejection decision concerning the manuscript.

Format of the manuscripts

The paper should be a maximum of 5000 words in length, in letter size paper, double space line, 3cm for left margin and 2cm for top, right and bottom margins. The text font should be Times New Roman size 12. The papers that do not comply with the indicated format will be returned without being sent to the Review Committee.

First page

Papers should have a title page with the complete name of the author(s), their affiliation, and full mailing address, phone, fax and E-mail, and the affiliation of the authors should be in Spanish and English.

Summary, abstract and key words

The summary should not exceed the 250 words in the Spanish version and it should summarize the papers’ key aspects and present a synthesis of the most relevant applications and conclusions thereof. The abstract should be the summary’s correct translation to English. Five key words should be included both in Spanish and English.

Content of the manuscript

The paper should be well written and structured. The manuscript’s structure should include the following minimum sections: introduction, discussion and development, and conclusions. The introduction should clearly establish the purpose of the work. The discussion and development sections should embrace the main results and observations derived from the work, methodology used, etc. Conclusions must be relevant for the readers.


References should be limited to works directly relating to the paper submitted. Where the reference is an article with a DOI (digital object identifier), that information must always be included at the end of the listing. References must follow APA format:

Avoid the use of Latin words or expressions such as et al., op. cit., ibid. and loc. cit. in all bibliographic entries.

  • Articles in periodicals: Alarcon, L., Lopez, M. (year). Title of article in roman type and no quotation marks. Name of periodical in italics, 64(527): 275-286, doi: * Note that after the name of the periodical comes the volume number followed, with no space and in parentheses, by the (issue number): the pages followed by a comma, and the doi shown as: Where the article cited has a DOI (digital object identifier), that information must always be included at the end of the listing. The existence of DOIs can be checked and the reference, if any, retrieved at the following link (individual and group searches are accommodated):
    The procedure is very straightforward and explained on the website itself.
  • Books: (1) Surname, A. (year). Book title in italics, p. 301,City of publication: Publishers. * p. Page/s to which the citation refers
  • Book chapter: Surname, A. (year). Chapter title in roman type. In Surname, B. (Ed.), Book title in italics (pp. 42-64). City of publication: Publishers. * Chapter written by one author (Surname, A.) in a book with chapters written by many authors. Such books generally have an editor (Surname, B.). The chapter pages are set in parentheses.
  • PhD. or Master´s thesis or dissertation: Surname, A. (year). Title in roman type (unpublished PhD. thesis). City: University.
  • Congress/Workshop/Conference/papers: Surname, A. (year, day and month). Title of article, paper, workshop. In Congress/Symposium/name (pp. 42-64). City: Publishers. * The date should be written as follows: year in number followed by a comma, day in number followed by the month in letters. Example: (2014, 24 February)
  • Standards: AENOR-CEN (year). UNE-EN 13374 Sistemas provisionales de protección de borde. Asociación Española de Normalización (AENOR).
  • Decree/Act/Directive: Cortes Generales (1995). Ley 31/1995 de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales. Boletín Oficial del Estado, No. 269. Spain.
  • Electronic references: Documents on websites/on-line articles/...Daga, S.L. Comercial de ingeniería. Penetrómetro Pilodyn. LESOTEX (2001). Guía práctica de aplicación de la Ley 15/2001 del suelo y ordenación territorial de Extremadura. /guia_practica.pdf. * Include the date viewed only when the content may change. Cite the link using the http:// format and verify that it works. Include other relevant search information (such as authors/organisation, year and title).

Tables and equations

Tables and equations should be sequentially numbered in the same order in which they appear in the text, with Arabic numerals and referencing them as: table 1, table 2…, equation 1, equation 2… etc., as required. They should be introduced in the text in the same order in which they are referenced. With regard to tables, the title should be placed in the upper part and should not duplicate the results shown in the charts. The prevailing system of units should be the International System (IS).


Figures may include charts, schemes, diagrams and photos. Figures should be sent in a ready-to-be-published condition, with laser-quality print. Photographs should be high-quality. Figures should be sequentially ordered, in the same order as they are referenced in the text as: figure 1, figure 2, etc., and the title should go in the lower part. They should be included in the text as they are quoted and, additionally, they should be sent as files in the original software format in which they were created.

Opinions expressed in the manuscripts

The opinions expressed in the papers published in the Journal are the sole responsibility of their author or authors, and they do not necessarily reflect the points of view of the Department of Engineering and Construction Management of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


Submitting a paper to the Journal of Construction Engineering (Revista Ingeniería de Construcción) implies that it is an original work, which has neither been previously published nor being considered for publication elsewhere. The authors shall transfer the copyright of their manuscripts to the Publisher as long as the paper is accepted for publishing, using a form provided by the Publisher. The copyright covers the exclusive rights for the manuscript’s reproduction and distribution, including reprints, photographic reproductions, microfilms, document scanning or any other similar reproduction, as well as translations. The author should obtain the authorization to use the figures prior to submitting the manuscript.

Checklist for preparing submissions

As part of the submission process, the authors are required to indicate that their submission conforms to all the following elements, and that they accept that submissions not fulfilling these indications may be returned to the author.

  1. The submitted file is in Open Office format, Microsoft Word, RTF or WordPerfect.
  2. When possible, web addresses have been added to the references.
  3. The text has simple line spacing; font size is 12 points, italic is used instead of underlining (except the URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures and tables are inside the text in their corresponding places and not at the end of the text.
  4. The text complies with the bibliographic and style requirements indicated in the Instructions for author(s) previously described.

Copyright note

It is the policy of Revista Ingeniería de Construcción (RIC) to protect all contributions of the authors by acquiring the copyrights of published papers. Therefore, RIC has to obtain a written copyright transfer by the authors contributing with their papers.

This transfer of rights shall allow RIC to publish and reprint their papers as well as to index and/or include them in databases or other services to which RIC belongs. These tasks are essential for RIC to disseminate the knowledge in the construction engineering area. Thus, RIC requires all authors of the paper to sign the following copyright release form, which should be submitted once the paper has been accepted for publishing.

(Copyright Transfer Document)

Privacy Declaration

The names and mail addresses indicated in the Journal shall be exclusively used for the purposes declared by this Journal and shall not be available for any other purpose or person.



Copyright Notice

It is the policy of the Revista Ingenería de la Construcción (RIC) to saveguard all the authors contributions acquiring the author rights of the articles published in the magazine. In order to do this, RIC  has to obtain a written transference of the author rights on the part of the authors who contribute with their .articles.

This transference of rights will allow  RIC to publish and reprint its article as well as to index and/or include it  in data bases or other services to which RIC belongs. These workings are essential in the RIC  task in spreading  the knowledge in the area of the construction engineering , therefore RIC  requires the signature of all the authors of the article in the following document to be submitted after the article is accepted for publication.

[Copyright Transfer Document]

Creative Commons
All articles published by Revista Ingenieria de Construcción, are covereded by Creative commons Attribution 4.0, for further information please click on


Privacy Statement

The names and e-mail addresses listed in this journal will be exclusively used for the purposes stated by this journal and will not be available for any other purpose or to any other person.

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