Behavior of Post- Partial Repair reinforced concrete columns prototypes executed under loads

Turibio José da Silva, Wemerton Evangelista


This work is the result of a research of structural behavior of reinforced concrete columns subjected to a process of partial repair, with sustained load during the whole process. The repair has been executed with mixed material, constituted by a mortar with cement base, modified with polymer and synthetic fibers. A partial reduction of the load occurred during the repair. The analysis has been made from data of strains on steel bars, concrete and repair material, obtained by strain gages connected a data acquisition system. The columns have been tested until failure. The results indicate that the repair mortar begins taking loads once the external load overcomes the one when the repair was executed, but the ultimate load is near to that in the columns without repair.

The contributions of this research are a better understanding of the stress variation and of the effectiveness of the structural repair with regard to the capacity of a column.


Structural repair; strains; materials of repair; repaired columns tests


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