Rheological and mechanical evaluation of a polymer modified asphalt binder

L. Medina, M. Muniz de Farias, C. Recarey


The paper presents a comparative study between the properties of a conventional binder and a polymer-modified binder, as well as some mechanical properties of hot mix asphalt concrete (HMA) made with these binders. The comparation of binder based on conventional indices and advanced dynamic properties obtained with a dynamic shear rheometer (DSR). These include the dynamic modulus |G*|and phase angle (d) master curves, the fatigue susceptibility in the LAS (Linear Amplitude Sweep) and permanent deformations in the MSCR (Multi Stage Creep Recovery). The asphalt mixtures dosed and compacted according to the Superpave methodology. The mechanical properties explored in concrete asphalt (CA) specimens subjected to moisture-induced damage and static creep tests.  The results show the positive effects of polymer addition in the binder’s and hot mix asphalt concrete properties, especially with regard to elastic resilience and permanent deformation reduction.


Modified asphalt; evaluation; rheological; mechanical

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-50732020000200170


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