Practicability in the manufacture of non-structural bricks, from the recycling of cigarette butts

K. Corredor, Á. Guzmán, N. Torres


Cigarette butts are one of the most common waste worldwide. The toxic and non-biodegradable components make cigarette butts a hazardous waste and one of the causes of pollution. This paper presents some of the results of a study on the re-cycling cigarette butts in the manufacture of clay bricks. Four mixtures were made, these include a control clay brick, with a clay content of 100% (LADRICOL 0%) and three additional mixtures incorporating cigarette butts in different percentages by weight (LADRICOL 2.5%, LADRICOL 5.0% and LADRICOL 7.5%). The mixtures were fired at different temperatures and these were tested to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the bricks. The results showed that the samples incorporating 2.5% cigarette butts content and fired at 850 °C are in compliance with the standard normative for this type of product (NTC 4205-2). Furthermore, this brick can improve the environmental quality and can reduce energy consumption during firing, by 19.75%.


Cigarette butts, clay bricks, physical properties, mechanical properties, energy saved



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