Key requirements of an IT tool based on last planner® system

M.J. Cortés, R.F. Herrera, F.C. Muñoz-La Rivera, B. Ávila Eça de Matos


The Lean Production system, with its principles of industry efficiency and production systems, proposes a new way of working, starting in the automotive sector, but later adapting to other sectors, such as the construction industry, through Lean Construction and its various application systems, among which Last Planner® System (LPS) stands out. Based on the methodology of the LPS, various software applications have been proposed, which incorporate its main components and help companies in project planning and control. Despite its rise, currently the real requirements that construction companies have about IT tools based on LPS remain unknown, as how the main IT tools that apply LPS meet these needs. Given this scenario, this research identified and validated the requirements for IT tools based on the LPS methodology, along with evaluating how the main software applications in the market make compliance with these aspects.


Last Planner ® System; LPS; Lean Construction; LPS Software; RII



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