Index for assessing the condition of flexible urban pavements based on a constructivist multicriteria analysis

Vitor Hugo Salviatto, Heliana Barbosa Fontenele


The main methods for assessing pavement condition do not consider the factors involved in pavement deterioration. Thus, the objective of this research was to develop a current pavement condition index that took into account the factors that lead to deterioration. The index included an assessment of riding comfort, existing distresses, longitudinal slope, drainage aspects and bus traffic volume. The criteria and performance levels were weighed by means of a method known as Measuring Attractiveness by a Categorical Based Evaluation Technique. To be tested and validated, the index developed was applied to 13 Sample Units, and a correlation analysis based on the Fixed-Value Matrix method was performed. In said analysis, a correlation of 0.12 was obtained when all units were considered, and 0.48 when the units with high traffic volume were removed. It was concluded that the proposed method presents a more rigorous assessment of pavement condition, mainly when it comes to distresses and bus traffic.


Pavement management system, traffic volume, MCDA-C, MACBETH, correlation

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