Study on Properties of Concrete with Electronic Waste

P. Dhanabal, K. S. Sushmitha, P. Narendra Reddy


In this paper, we attempted to make an investigation to use E-waste as fractional substitution intended for coarse aggregate. The accumulation of electronic waste is a major concern in big metropolitan cities and certain tier 2 cities in which huge quantities of the order of several thousand tones is being dumped discharged and grows in an exponential haphazard manner. Bakelite waste is taken as E waste, which is heat resistant and also inert to chemical reactions obtained by crushing the outer casing of television sets. The grade of concrete which is adopted for the investigation is M25 designed by IS code method. Number of trial mixes were tried and the control mix was selected which had the compressive strength slightly more than the target strength.  The coarse aggregate of the control mix was partially replace 5 to 20% by weight of coarse aggregate. After 3, 7 and 28 age curing of cube specimen, the compressive intensity was found. Similarly the 7 and 28 age tensile strength, young’s modulas, modulus of rupture be calculated by casting cylinders and prisms. The best possible quantity E-waste be added to retain the target mean strength was also determined. Through research it is bring into being that the volume of the e-waste accumulated can be reduced in a substantial manner by the above method in the field of construction and thereby protect the earth from the threatening environment.


E- Waste, Coarse aggregate replacement, Young’s modulas of concrete, modulas of rupture of concrete, Bakelite

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