Assessment of utilization of ceramic waste as a substitute to concrete constituents – A review

Parth Harkishan Joshi, Dr. D N. Parekh


Due to high consumption of concrete constituents namely, natural aggregates and cement, their de-pletion is observed globally. Over the years, many researchers have come up with alternatives to these basic constituents of concrete. Ceramic waste (CW) generated from ceramic industries (indus-tries producing tiles, sanitaryware, ceramic refractories, ceramic insulators, ceramic crockery) have not found any reuse and is deposited as landfills, which further increases land pollution and also give rise to health issues. The CW can be easily grinded as per required size, which have interested many researchers to use it in the production of concrete. Till date CW has been used as partial re-placement to cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates. This review paper discusses the poten-tial of CW as replacement to concrete constituents in the production of concrete and its effect on mechanical and durability properties. The literature review is carried in three parts – review on use of CW to replace cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregate. The study shows different research-es using different sources of CW having varied properties being used as partial replacement. The effect of replacement on concrete strength and durability is reported.


Ceramic waste, sanitary waste, cement replacement, aggregate replacement, mechanical properties

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