National Colombian roadway bridges rehabilitation, based on visual inspections, specialized studies and repair strategies

Edgar Muñoz, Rafael Hernández, Edgar Valbuena, Luz Trujillo, Libardo Santacruz


In this article, a description is made of each one of the modules that are part of the System of Administration of Bridges of Colombia (SIPUCOL). This system

was implemented in 1996 by Invias (Colombian Government’s Roads Administration). Also it is showed their utility and benefit, by means of the statistical

evaluation of bridge components in two (2) different inspection periods. Each component was studied to determine their main damages, causes, the requiered

studies and the types of recommended repairs. The major damages that have been detected are caused by structural insufficiency (lack of load capacity),

decomposition, corrosion, infiltration and undermining. The studies that have been more frequently executed are those of load capacity, seismic vulnerability

and undermining. To solve the problem, bridge maintenance and rehabilitation activities have been increased in the last years.


Bridges; visual inspection; typical repairs; typical damages


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