Shear behavior of steel fiber reinforced concretes

Sergio Carmona Malatesta, Manuel Cabrera Contreras


This paper presents the results of an experimental research on influence of steel fibers on shear behavior of concrete, using modified JSCE - SF6 test. The tests results are used to evaluate the energy dissipation capacity of concrete during failure or fiber reinforced concrete toughness, in terms of amount and type of fibers. With the results, it can be concluded that the addition of fibers as shear reinforcement influence significantly the ductility of concrete. The results show that the absorption energy capacity of concrete, measured by mean of absolute toughness, increase 3 times when concrete is reinforced with steel fibers, and reach ductile failures. Therefore, it can be concluded that the addition of fiber on concrete is a good solution for improving the properties of hardened concrete under shear stress. Additionally, this work shows that Japanese recommendation JSCE - SF6, slightly modified, give consistent and reproducible results, allowing to quantify different properties of fiber reinforced concrete under shear stress.

Rev. ing. constr. [online]. 2009, vol.24, n.1, pp. 74-94. ISSN 0718-5073.


Fiber reinforced concrete; shear tests; shear strength; toughness; and toughness index


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