Improvement of constructive processes based on a programmable unit for images capture and digital simulation

Adriana Gomez, Juan Diego Echeverry, María Ximena Giraldo Palma, Camilo Otálora Sanchez, Martha Lucía Cano Morales


Civil projects executors are constantly dealing with the challenge of increasing productivity through resources optimization and their interaction; this has been addressed from different points of view using computational tools and manual tools. This challenge demands also, the implementation of new information technologies and digital tools as an effective strategy to capture reliable data that could contribute to improve the productivity quality and security indicators. This work presents a value generation in construction projects, through the use of new technologies to capture digital information that allows a construction process re-engineering using Lean Construction philosophy and digital simulation. At first, the design and development of an autonomous and programmable module is presented, powered with solar energy, used to capture digital images of construction processes. This system includes hardware and electronic components such as cameras, video cameras, electronic cards, computers, solar panels, web platform and communication systems; all controlled by a specially designed software which simplifies the control of the equipment and its components. This system simplifies the decision-making process regarding the construction methods and the resources involved, in order to minimize the costs and to increase the performance. The results obtained in the implementation of the module in a construction project in Bogota, Colombia, are presented in the second part of this paper. The analysis of the results, the constructive process characterization using Time-Lapse videos and a digital simulation model of the construction process are presented. These results allow reducing cycle times and using better the resources, which is translated into resources savings for the project.

Rev. ing. constr. [online]. 2012, vol.27, n.2, pp. 35-53. ISSN 0718-5073.


Digital simulation; Lean Construction; construction process improvement; programmable module; time lapse.



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