Analysis of the implementation of BIM technology in project and building firms in 2015 in a Brazilian city

C. Jobim, M. Gonzalez Stumpf, R. Edelweiss, A. Kern


Building Information Modelling (BIM) offers a wide range of tools and allows integrating all disciplines of a building project within a virtual and unique model. However, the full use of BIM requires careful planning and implementation by the firms. The objective of this study is to follow and analyze BIM implementation processes in design and building firms and relate them to the literature. We undertook a study in five firms, comparing companies that have implemented the platform and others that are currently implementing it. A partial implementation of BIM tools was found in all cases. There were some problems such as the need for changes in the equipment and the design process, which required more time and higher costs for staff training. Even so, we conclude that there was an increase in the quality of design and execution of the works, and incompatibilities between design and execution were reduced as well.


BIM, design, civil construction



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