Analysis of concrete beams with additional reinforcement of the bamboo splints

N. Y. Tsutsumoto, J.L. P. Melges, C. F. Fioriti, J. L. Akasaki, M. M. Tashima


The aim of this paper is to evaluate, through bending tests, the structural behavior of reinforced concrete beams additionally reinforced by bamboo splints. The bamboo splints are prepared from the stems of the Bambusa vulgaris species. To examine the strength of adhesion between the bamboo splint and concrete, pull out tests are performed for the specimens. The results of the pullout tests of the test samples show the strengthening of the nodes leading to an increase of the normal tension and rupture of splint and not its slip. According to the results of the bending beams, the presence of bamboo splints increases their load capacity when compared with the reference beams. This is indicative of a reduction in the amount of steel required as the structural element. The insertion of the bamboo splints in the beams provides a better performance in terms of the deflection and also leads to a slight increase in the load capacity of the beams. It is worth mentioning that the beams additionally reinforced by bamboo splints exhibit the same pattern of cracking as for reference beams


Concrete beam, reinforcement with bamboo, structural analysis, alternative material



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