Integration between the last planner system and the quality management system applied in the civil construction sector

L. Díaz, M. de Oliveira, P. Pucharelli, J. Pinzón


The high level of competitiveness in the civil construction sector, together with the high level of customer demands, has led companies to explore and implement improvements in production processes to ensure the delivery of the established deadlines and quality of the products. In this way, a large number of construction companies have adhered to improvement programs in the construction processes, some of them being the implementation and certification of the quality management system (QMS), as well as the structuring of the planning and control system. of Last Planner production (LPS). In this context, this work aims to analyze the integration of the LPS and the method of continuous improvement of the QMS in a work in Colombia that has already implemented these systems. Initially an analysis of the systems in the work was carried out, in order to know the results of the implementation of these systems. Then, engineer managers of the systems in the company were interviewed where the negative and positive points of the integration were identified. With this study it is concluded that the integration of the systems brings significant improvements in the quality, time and cost established.


Gestión de calidad, Last Planner System, mejora continua



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