Influcence of grinding fineness of calcium carbonate on physic-chemical properties and durability on red ceramic bricks

Yosvany Díaz, Dania Betancourt, Fernando Martirena


The paper exposes the results of a study, at macro structural level, on the influence of the calcite grinding process fineness on the red ceramic bricks following properties: Compressive strength, Density, Absorption and Durability, though the performance of physical – mechanical and accelerated aging tests, when this is added in an amount inferior to the 10% in relation with the clay weight. It is proved that when this admixture is ground until fineness between 72 m and 150 m, the above mentioned properties are not affected, however it doesn’t occur this way when it is ground until a particle size of 297m. The carried out study, demonstrates that with this specific surface, the calcite addition affects the red ceramic bricks physical-mechanical properties as well as their durability.

Rev. ing. constr. [online]. 2011, vol.26, n.3, pp. 269-283. ISSN 0718-5073.


Ceramic bricks, fluxing agents, durability, mechanical properties, calcium carbonate


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