Constructive elements applicable to houses of social interest made with recycled aggregate

José Domínguez, Víctor Villanueva, Emilio Martínez


This paper presents the results that are obtained when recycled construction and demolition waste were used for the manufacture of useful elements inhousing of social interest. Although the application of the recycled aggregate is very wide, and this paper discusses its application on hollow bricks, tiles,and pavements units. These elements were not made in the laboratory, they were made in industries of the region to simulate its industrialization, with thepurpose of obtaining more useful results in case of its real industrialization. The elements were put under physical-mechanical tests in the laboratory, andalthough the standards indicated in the corresponding norms were not met in its totality, positive results were found in comparison with homologous materialsused every day, made with natural raw of the region. Therefore, it is possible to conclude, that they can be used in construction of houses, offering analternative of low cost and the suitable quality, besides of the ecological benefits that implies the attenuating of the use of natural rock and to diminish thevolume of remainders in clandestine dumps.


Recycling; waste; industrialization; standards; housing; aggregate; hollow bricks, tiles; pavements units


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