Quality management system in construction design offices: A review in the brasilian context

Michele Fossati, Humberto Roman


The design is one of the most important parts of the construction chain. However, it is considered the main barrier for the evolution of the constructionindustry to achieve an industrial level. The implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) appears as an alternative to improve the offered productsand services, since it focuses on customers’ needs, on well defined customer/supplier relationships, on developing an error prevention mechanism throughoutthe organization and on systematic procedures. First quality management certifications in design companies started in 1999. Nowadays, the number ofdesign companies seeking to implement QMS is growing fast. This paper presents a review upon the design quality and the QMS in design offices, presentingthe Brazilian guide and the French guide for design companies certification, as well as a new proposal of a new guide in Brazil. Conclusions show thatthe design offices certifications is an importat strategic factor for a productive process performance. However, the quality of the building must be a result of the common work of all organizations and actors involved: owners, designers, contractors and suppliers.


Quality management systems; design; certification; quality; brazilian program of quality; productivity on habitat


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