Applications of a housing project evaluation model for measuring of the satisfaction of user needs

Adalberto Pandolfo, José Rojas, Juliana Kurek, Luciana Pandolfo, Rafael Lublo, Jalusa Guimarães, Renata Reinehr


In this work, the value is on presenting the results of an application of the model of evaluation of housing project, that it aims at, mainly, to extend and to improve the conditions of analysis of the housing under the perspective of the market. This instrument of evaluation assists the decision-maker to prevent mistakes that generate unnecessary costs in a real estate enterprise. The application of the model enables to identification and the measurement of the satisfaction, of the expectations and the necessities of the user of this sectorand, at the same time, it generates information that can be used during the process of project of housing. The presented model part of the attributes of the physical structure, localization and cost, such as are perceived by the market-target. It consists of the application of standardized procedures that organize and process the information, generating, as result, performance pointers and the unnecessary costs proceeding from elements of the construction, that they do not add value to the housing. These unnecessary costs are on to the functions of the housing perceived by the user.

Rev. ing. constr. [online]. 2008, vol.23, n.1, pp. 34-41. ISSN 0718-5073.


Evaluation of project; analysis of the value; cost; project; habitation


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