Management evaluation system as a complement to the national Benchmarking of chilean construction companies

Ricardo Ramírez, Luis Fernando Alarcón, Peter Knights


This paper presents the results of the first application of a management evaluation system for benchmarking management practices in the construction industry. The system supports a National Benchmarking System recently established en the Chilean Construction Industry by incorporating qualitativemanagement aspects in addition to quantative performance indicators. Different analysis were made to determine trends in the industry sector by correlatingthe qualitative evaluations from surveys with the performance indicators. Thirteen construction companies participated in the initial application of thebenchmarking system. A correlation analysis found that safety performance was strongly related to companies having superior planning and control, qualitymanagement, cost control and subcontractor management policies. An factor analysis undertaken found that Central office priorities center on strategicmanagement policies having longer term competitive impact, whilst site management emphasizes tactical management dimensions consistent with shorterterm impact. There is scope to elevate the profile of continuous improvement initiative to strategic significance at central office level.


Benchmarking; construction company management; construction industry management; continuous improvement


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